About Us


Janice is currently the owner of ELA Seminars and an alternate route instructor at Stockton University. She designs educational products, creates custom seminars, and provides job-embedded professional development for English Language Arts teachers. Janice is an experienced educator who has taught at the upper-elementary, middle, secondary and college levels. From 2006-2010 she served as a Literacy Coach for the Galloway Township Public School System. Some of the coaching roles included: providing district teachers with year-round professional development, conducting in-class reading and writing demonstrations, and assisting teachers with lesson design and planning.

Janice has a keen ability to motivate students and to help them conceptualize and apply sophisticated literacy skills. She provides teachers with lessons that are easy to execute and motivating to multi-level learners.


As districts implement new core standards, teacher-friendly and kid-friendly techniques - that help students master essential skills - will be in high demand. What better way to meet that need than to provide teachers with low-cost, easy-to-execute lessons that delight teachers and motivate students? Janice Malone offers on-site English Language Arts Seminars that change writers. A writing kit containing 70 lesson ideas that will help students meet and exceed literacy requirements, or a flash drive containing custom materials is included with each seminar. All seminars simplify complex English Language Arts concepts and motivate multi-level learners.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Actively engage even the most resistant learners with reading, writing, and test-taking exercises that raise proficiency levels.

  • Motivate students to internalize 10 fundamental Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

  • Employ simple techniques that make challenging writing conventions accessible to all students.

Watch proficiency levels and confidence levels soar as students conceptualize and apply sophisticated literacy skills. Janice’s workshops succeed in minimizing teachers’ workloads while maximizing students’ accomplishments.