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Picture of Hyphenated Adjective Playing Cards (downloadable version)

Hyphenated Adjective Playing Cards (downloadable version)

Use the cards: 1) to revise drafts, 2) at learning stations, 3) for collaborative writing activities, and 4) as assessment tools.

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Ways to Use Hyphenated Adjective Playing Cards:

Informal Writing

Students use one hyphenated modifier as a springboard to craft a 12-minute free write


Narrative Writing

Students receive two or more hyphenated modifiers to weave into personal narratives or speculative writing pieces..


Collaborative Writing

Pairs of students write and act out original scripts using several hyphenated modifiers. Audience members log modifiers in notebooks to use in future writing pieces.


Revision Technique:

Students switch papers and add hyphenated modifiers to another student’s draft.

Learning Station Activity


Learning Station Activity

Students visit learning stations where hyphenate modifiers are displayed, and write a short news article or diary entry for each hyphenated modifier.



Formative Assessment

Design a construction paper brick on which one hyphenated modifier is correctly used in an original sentence. Then add it to or begin to build a classroom word wall.


Summative Assessment

Students create and present multimedia projects. One portion of the presentation must demonstrate knowledge and proper use of hyphenated modifiers.

Picture of Hyphenated Adjective Playing Cards
Hyphenated Adjective Playing Cards
Use the cards to revise drafts or as writing springboards.
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